From what material is SIX piercing jewelry made?

All middle sections (the part located under the skin and known as "banana", as it is curved like a banana) are made from surgical steel (316L). According to the nickel regulation for jewelry, surgical steel can be described as "nickel-free". However, it always contains a very small concentration of nickel and is therefore NOT suitable for first use.
The "standards" (one stone at the bottom / One stone at the top and one at the bottom) are made entirely of surgical steel.
For all other silver-colored items, the lower motif part consists either of high-quality 925 silver, stated accordingly on the packaging, or from base metals that come under fashion jewelry guidelines.

Can I use SIX piercing jewelry directly after being pierced?

As surgical metal also contains a very small concentration of nickel, it is NOT suitable for first use. First jewelry should be obtained from a professional piercing studio, which will probably insert a titanium "banana". The switch to surgical steel jewelry can only be made when the piercing has healed completely.

What belly button piercing jewelry lengths can I get at SIX?

The most common piercing size is 10 mm. This refers to the "banana", i.e. the distance between the top and bottom balls. In addition, items with a length of 8 mm and - relatively rarely - 12 mm are also offered. The length is stated on the packaging (e.g. "size 10 mm").

Can I exchange piercing jewelry?

Piercing jewelry can be exchanged in original packaging in all our SIX-Stores.

Does SIX-fashion jewelry contain nickel?

SIX fashion jewelry is manufactured in accordance with the EC guideline 94/27. This guideline defines maximum values for the concentration of nickel in products that come into direct contact with the skin for long periods of time. Articles which pass no more than 0.5 µg of nickel per cm2 per week to the skin are described as nickel-free. This level of nickel passage must also be guaranteed for at least two years with normal use of the product.
The permitted minimum amounts of nickel, however, can lead to allergic reactions in particularly sensitive skin. For these reason, anyone with a known nickel allergy should only wear metal fashion jewelry for a few hours or avoid it altogether.

Does SIX also offer silver jewelry?

Yes. SIX offers, e.g. earrings, piercing jewelry and rings in silver.
Silver is a precious metal.
SIX silver jewelry is only produced from high-quality 925 silver.

However, on top of its attractive aesthetic characteristics, silver also has a negative quality: It reacts with hydrogen sulphide, of which small amounts are present in the air. This causes silver to gradually turn yellowy-brown to bluey-black. This discolouration can simply be removed using a silver polishing cloth.

Do SIX sunglasses offer full UV protection?

SIX sunglasses offer full UV protection* with any colour of lens, even clear lenses. UV 400 means blocking of all light waves shorter than 400 nm (Nanometres).
* HOWEVER: At 2,000 metres above sea level, the intensity of UV rays is 20% greater than at sea level. Summer skiers and glacier walkers are exposed to a higher intensity of UV rays, as the snow reflects 90% of the UV rays hitting it. In this case, sunglasses with side protection must be used. Although the sporty SIX glasses usually contain shatterproof lenses, they are generally intended as fashion glasses and not for use during sport.

(*Source: Information about UV rays from the Swiss Federal Health Office website).

Can I order certain articles or buy them online?

At the moment we only offer delivery to Germany. You can find our online shop at Amazon. In all other SIX countries you can only buy our accessories at either SIX stores or our partner outlets. A list of SIX stores and partners in your area is available by entering your post code under our website's "stores" option.

Why can I only find a selection of SIX products online?

In order to constantly keep up with current trends and offer a large selection of fashionable accessories, we develop up to 1,000 new items per month. Our website offers you an impression of our new collection. As our available collections are not identical in every store and at every sales partner, we show only the range on our website that is available from most of our sales outlets.

How and where can I exchange SIX purchases?

You can exchange a product in original packaging at any of our stores within 14 days by showing the receipt. We can either refund your money or you can select a new item. Jewelry which has been bought from one of our partners can also be exchanged in a SIX store. Please note that any jewelry bought in a SIX store cannot be brought back to or exchanged at our partners. For reasons of hygiene, it is not possible to exchange earrings or piercing jewelry.

I have a complaint - who can I contact?

In case, your SIX product is broken you can return it in any store. We can either refund your money or you can select a new item. Earrings and piercings can be returned, if they are broken. Jewelry which has been bought from one of our partners can also be exchanged in a SIX store. Please note, that we can offer you in this case only the exchange with another item or a Giftcard. In case, that you would like to have a refund, please inquire at the partner by which you purchased the item. Please note that any jewelry bought in a SIX store cannot be brought back to our partners. 

Can I find the same selection of SIX products at all sales outlets?

No. Depending on the size of the sales area, we offer different ranges and a larger number of articles.

How can I find a SIX store near me?

You can find a store locator on our website (www.click-six.com/de/locator). This lists all sales outlets in your area.

I would like to work at SIX - where can I find vacancies?

All vacancies can be found on the website of our parent company - beeline GmbH. Simply take a look at www.beeline-group.com!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer care team directly via customer.care@beeline-group.com

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer care team directly via customer.care@beeline-group.com or call us: 

+49 (0)221 –96275-0